Meet the Team

“We created Life Outside the Box for people like us, parents who want to THRIVE in every facet of their life. It’s about more than just eating well and staying fit. It’s about improving our whole self in a community, supportive environment.”

Hi, we’re the Barbers.

Once upon a time, we were CrossFit Games competitors. Now, we run a business from home while raising three little kiddos. Our lives have changed a lot over the years. And so have our ideas around staying fit and healthy.

Our fitness journey started when we were kids, and our intentional, personal growth period took a sharp curve upward when we HAD kids. We don’t have the same time and energy as before, now we’re trying to raise good humans and stay healthy enough to keep after them. Our kids emulate our behavior, so we want to be the best versions of ourselves.

The birth of this program comes from the desire to thrive as parents. Thrive in our marriage. In our emotional and physical wellbeing. This looks different for everyone. For us, it means working hard, on our land, our bodies and our minds. It means we get to travel (soon we hope, sniff sniff!) and educate our kids the way we feel works the best for them and us, and it means that we get to live with purpose and guide other parents and families (YOU!) to do the same. Helping people live the life they WANT to live is our passion!

Taz Barber
Homesteader/Adventure Seeker/Boy Mom

Born in South Africa, raised in NZ, and now living in Santa Cruz, CA with my 4 Boys, 4 dogs and 23 chickens! I started my fitness/sporting journey from the minute I could walk (thanks two older brothers!). My passion for helping people in Health and Wellness started when I found CrossFit in 2007 after I completed my degrees in Psychology and Sport and Exercise Science.

My desire to improve myself mentally started when I became a parent. Kids will force you to self-reflect in a way that is uncomfortable, challenging and kind of invigorating at the same time! The responsibility I feel to be the best for our kids in a healthy supportive environment is why I am here with you all!

Pat Barber
Co-Founder/Video Monkey/Head Pesterer of Taz

When I got started in CrossFit back in 2004, I was just another bro trying to find his way. Then it became everything — how I made a living, how I met my wife, and why I traveled around the world. My mission today is so different than when I was giving hours of my day to training. I’ve gone from dude to dad. My current goal in life is to raise three good men. And to do that, I’ve got to teach them about self-discipline, camaraderie, humility, and the power of a good mental game. What I know from 12+ years of coaching CrossFit is that it’s so much more than an exercise program. It can improve almost everything in your life. If I want to teach my sons good habits, I have to walk my talk because they are always watching and learning. Plus, I want to be fit enough to play with them, to do fun stuff with them, and be healthy into old age. In my free time, I surf, watch youtube, and dabble in knifemaking/blacksmithing.

Christy McCarty
Homebuilder/Wellness Creator/Outsider Avatar

I met Crossfit 15 years ago when I needed to be in the best shape of my life to have a homebirth after a cesarean. The methodology WORKED, I was hooked, and I went on to get my Level 1 trainer certificate so I could impart the knowledge to others. I am a wife to a busy husband and a homeschool mom to two very active boys. I stay busy between their schooling and their sports. Oh! And we’re currently in the thick of building a house, with our own hands. Having the time to devote to my family and this big DIY project is a priority. I need a community built around that type of lifestyle — the lifestyle that allows for minimal time to maintain a healthy level of fitness that prepares me for whatever life throws at me. I also just plain crave community. I won big when I found Outside the Box. Since meeting Pat, Taz, and the others in this community, I’ve established relationships I hope to carry with me for the long haul. I have a passion for writing, and I’m happy to be able to help build this community. I strive to inspire and move others toward accomplishing something larger than they imagine for themselves. I hope to kindle and grow the abilities of those around me by my zeal, vision and example. I love people, long edifying conversations, belly laughs, a strong coffee, and a good wine. Put all of those together, and you’ve got my kind of party.

Danial Hooper
Word Wizard/Lead Brewmaster/First Contact Seeker

I love being a husband. I love being a dad. I love being a friend. I’m not interested in doing this like other people. I want to question everything and hold on to what is good. Life Outside the Box is my chance to be the best version of myself and be a part of something great. I feed off other people’s energy. I love good conversation. Debates and discussion are healthy and should be practiced regularly. My blog posts on the website are little pieces of my heart, I hope you check them out and find some laughter.

Maggie Bugg
Jedi Master/Voracious Reader/Small Town Celebrity

I have spent my entire adult life in pursuit of my best self. Finding CrossFit in 2014 and co-owning/operating an affiliate has been a whirlwind journey. It was love at first snatch. Bringing with me my Bachelor of Education, I dove headfirst into teaching CrossFit, and although I still get in there and flex my coaching muscle each week, I adore being an Entrepreneur. Life up here on Canada’s Pacific West Coast is full of adventure and polite exchanges. My best friend doubles as my husband and business partner, bringing with him two beautiful children. Being a step-parent is a crazy ride full of twists and turns and I am so grateful these tiny humans came into my life. I live my best life despite chronic migraine and am always keen to help others dealing with invisible illness. Besides work and family time, I can usually be found with my nose in a book, sipping a cool glass of blue milk.