Put the Fun in Functional: 5 Funky Bodyweight Exercises to Add to Your Workout Arsenal

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The Predicament

You’re a garage/home gym exerciser and you’re looking to mix it up. However, the problem is, how and where do I get ideas to add variance into my programming? Thinking of new things to do involves effort, time, and a bit of learning. Eliminate ALL of that work for yourself and take a peek at the videos below.

Seasoned Outsiders, you’ll likely recognize these from your session plans/workouts. Those of you who are new to OTB, try these out for a fun home workout and see if you want to incorporate them into your warm-up/workout/cool down routine!

Front-to-back Lunge

*Video is performed bodyweight, but also option to load this movement!


*Video utilizes a box, but perform with feet on any elevated surface, like a stool or even with your feet on the ground!


*Find your inner breakdancer 😉

Plank Get-up Get-down

*Great for warming up or throwing into a workout!


*Movement in video is performed with a box and PVC pipe, but get creative: use a chair and broomstick!

Do you feel like you want more?! Check out these 10 FREE Bodyweight Workouts! Perfect for a fun home workout. 

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