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Modern Mamas, Laura and Taz

In her most recent episode of the Modern Mamas podcast, Laura sits down with Taz to discuss all the good stuff. Taz gives insights into time and energy management, her top parenthood values, and how to thrive through life’s journey. Laura and Taz also dive into the power of self-reflection and the empowerment that comes from taking action in our lives.

Join two of LOTB’s leading ladies for real talk

This was a fantastic episode with two of Life Outside the Box’s leading ladies. Taz is a rockstar mom with a calming simplicity coupled with a complex hunger for her own growth and for assisting others in the same direction. She’s got such a humble heart — for learning and growth — therefore, she is SO easy  relate to and trust. If you want to get to know Taz — her heart, what fires her up, her goals for this community and all of YOU — give this episode a listen. If you’ve yet to meet Laura, she is pretty cool herself, asks all the right questions, and manages to get Taz behind the mic. Kudos, Laura. 😉

Big things coming

How many of you desire more out of life? How many of you struggle to make a plan for the day, let alone the year? These ladies have a knack for getting things done. Their desire is to help others find an extra hour in their day to accomplish more of the things they want to do. The team at LOTB are working on something that may just give you an extra hour each day. And no, it’s not a time machine. Listen to hear more on this.

We think this episode will inspire you to take action in your own life, so, what are you waiting for?  If you enjoy the episode, please consider leaving a rating and review in iTunes. This makes it easier for other listeners to find it. Happy listening!

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