Home Workout Equipment: Rice Bag Edition

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Create Your Own Home Workout Equipment!

When making the shift from a conventional gym or affiliate to your home, one big factor is finances. In these quarantine days, we’re all desperate to find some variance within the items we have around the house. We want to get our home gym workout on, but we can’t really shop for things, unless we want to spend an arm and a leg on shipping!

Fear not.

We’ve constructed a guide of how to make your own home workout equipment from items around the house. Pimp out your own garage gym. You won’t need to purchase anything extra, other than your regular groceries during the week (#essentialtravel). Not only is our method cost-effective, but it’s green! Saving the world by recycling and reusing! And reducing your possible exposure to COVID-19 😉

Simple 20lb. Rice Bag Weight

Grab one of these suckers the next time you’re at the store!

Try These Movements!
Rice Bag Kettlebell Swing

Single-arm version shown here, but can also perform with both arms around the bag! Bonus points if the bag has handles so it’s a bit more secure around your wrists. Just make sure you don’t hit your toddler running by!

Rice Bag Ground-to-Shoulder or Power Clean

Strongman version of any ground-to-shoulder movement. Can sub for a MB Clean or Power Clean (DB/BB). Be careful, these guys will burn up your biceps and light the low back! Get squatty with it if necessary 😉

Rice Bag Hip Extension

Don’t we all love the glute burn from the GHD machine? Elevate feet on a chair/ledge and place weight in your hips. Also option to perform with feet on the ground instead! Can go single-leg variation or both legs. Shooter’s choice 😉

Want some more home workout equipment ideas? Want some more home workout movements? Check out our Movement Demo Library to see all variations of minimalist movements along with 30 free warm-ups!

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