harder to kill, easier to love

Harder to Kill, Easier to Love

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“Resilient people are harder to kill, easier to love… You’ve gotta understand and accept that bad stuff is gonna happen, but you have to set yourself up for success.” -Pat Barber

What a year.

2020, guys. It’s been a year of wonder. 

We are living in a time when the pace of world change has reached an exponential rate, and society seems to be spinning frantically on its axis. Each of us has been reached by the wildly unique events of the year. 

How are you doing?

Pat — on resiliency, relationships, and parenting

Back in April, Pat sat down with Marc Hans to discuss resiliency, relationships, and parenting. As we all bear the burden of this year we’re in, we think this episode, especially regarding resilience, is very timely and worth a listen. 

Pat talks about being resilient, about learning and growing and optimizing through difficulty. On becoming “Harder to Kill, Easier to Love” and what that term means to him. 

Harder to Kill, Easier to Love.

Pat (along with Taz) has built his life and business upon the practice of helping people become the best versions of themselves. Their goal here at Life Outside the Box is no different.  As parents and as families, our team at Life Outside the Box is striving to be harder to kill, easier to love, and we want to inspire YOU to do the same. 

To us, being harder to kill and easier to love means recognizing what is within our control and taking ownership of this, while letting go of things that are outside of our control. It necessitates humility and accountability, two of our core values as a group.

We hope, that through contending with 2020, you are overcoming and growing. This year is demanding of us the best we have.

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