Family Time: Quality versus Quantity

Family Time: Quality versus Quantity — Unreasonable Podcast

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In this episode, Pat and Taz talk about family time: quality versus quantity. The Barbers, along with their friends Sean and Kim Pastuch explore their (differing) opinions on the topic. If you know Sean, you know how he loves to go against the grain with everything he does. Therefore, his perspective on parenting is no different. Lucky for him, he has his supportive and most amazing wife, Kimberly. She keeps him grounded and brings him back in line.

“My default would be to work an 80-hour week and come home to say ‘hi’ on the weekends. That would be the easiest way for me to live.

What I have learned is that I have to trade money, authority, and some opportunities at work for opportunities to have a solid relationship with my life and my family.”

Quality versus Quantity

Sean’s reach extends to many areas in the fitness industry. He works with some of the fitness world’s most popular names, especially in the realm of CrossFit athletes. And he LOVES to dive deep into his passion project. Sean loves his work so much, if he had his way, he would work 80 hours per week and spend the remaining time with his family. What?! Sounds harsh, doesn’t it?

If you listen to the end of this podcast episode, you will realize that it doesn’t exactly mean what you think it does. He ADORES his wife and kids and makes it his goal to give them intentional, and engaged attention. Therefore, he believes that the QUALITY of his family time matters, far more than the quantity. In this podcast episode, we discuss ‘work/life’ balance and what it means to the Pastuch family.

Real Talk on Postpartum Depression

In addition to discussing the balance of work and family time, we briefly discuss the realities of postpartum depression and how they navigated their way through it with their third child. Kimberly’s warmth and willingness to get vulnerable is incredible. She offers powerful strategies to get through the hovering gray cloud that many women experience postpartum. As Sean and Kim relate here, Kim’s going through that season in her life was the best thing for their relationship.

Quantity Time Does Not Equal Quality Time

Our biggest takeaway from chatting with them is that quality time with family doesn’t necessarily equate to quantity time. Listen to find out how Sean and Kim strive to balance work and family time, above all ensuring it’s QUALITY, first, over QUANTITY.

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