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Put the Fun in Functional: 5 Funky Dumbbell Exercises to Add to Your Workout Arsenal

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Adding Load Increases Workout Variance

When incorporating a Dumbbell or Kettlebell into your workout routine, there are obvious movements to perform: the Kettlebell Swing, a Goblet Squat, a Dumbbell Snatch, etc. These are all movements that we see frequently in the gym and are perfect to take outside the box and into a park, driveway, or kids soccer game.

But you’re not here for that… are you? Did you go outside the box to find some standard dumbbell exercises? Or do you wanna get funky?

We want to help diversify the movements that you already know by adding some new ones to your workout routine. What kind of workouts? Fun. Ky.

Seasoned Outsiders, you’ll likely recognize these from your session plans/workouts. Those of you who are new to OTB, try these out for a fun home workout and see if you want to incorporate them into your warm-up/workout/cool down routine!

Funky Dumbbell Exercise #1: Woman-makers

*Traditional twist on a Man-maker that will leave you GASSED! Feeling good after a workout? Try the One-Minute-Woman-Maker Challenge. Do AMRAP in One Minute, prepare to feel the burn.

Funky Dumbbell Exercise #2: Alternating Dumbbell Deadlift Row

*Movement is performed with a set of weights, however, you can always perform this with one weight (Suitcase Deadlift) and switch arms each rep. Your core will thank you.

Funky Dumbbell Exercise #3: Split Clean

*Variation of a traditional lift performed in Olympic Weightlifting with a Barbell.

Funky Dumbbell Exercise #4: Double Dumbbell Alternating Press

*Increase time under tension for the upper back and shoulders with this funky twist 😉

Funky Dumbbell Exercise #5: DB Goblet Squat Clean Thruster (Cluster)

*Often used as a sub for a Wall Ball in our program. Watch out, these will get ya!

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