Family Time: Quality versus Quantity

Family Time: Quality versus Quantity — Unreasonable Podcast

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In this episode, Pat and Taz talk about family time: quality versus quantity. The Barbers, along with their friends Sean and Kim Pastuch explore their (differing) opinions on the topic. If you know Sean, you know how he loves to go against the grain with everything he does. Therefore, his perspective on parenting is no different. Lucky for him, he has his supportive and most amazing wife, Kimberly. She keeps him grounded and brings him back in line. “My default …

Better Together — The Power of Community

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Tribe. Clan. Network.  What comes to mind when you hear these words? Community. At one time, the community you found yourself a part of was primarily based on your location. With the advent of modern technologies, this is no longer the case. We are part of a community not only based on our location, but also based on our lifestyle, our beliefs, our heritage, our education, our talents, interests or abilities. Consider your own community. For some, this may be a …