Big-Picture View

An Unreasonable Podcast: Why Have a Big-Picture View?

Christy McCarty Podcast

Why Have a Big-Picture View? In their most recent Unreasonable Family podcast episode, Pat and Taz sit down together to discuss why it’s important to keep a big-picture focus. How do we avoid getting lost in the minutiae? Those little details can cause us to lose track of our big-picture goal we set out to obtain. Have you lost track of what you’re trying to accomplish? Whether in your business, your health, your self-development, your relationships, your parenting. Why is …

Unreasonable Podcast – Homeschooling Pros and Cons

Christy McCarty Family, Podcast

“Homeschooling is really hard. It’s not for everyone.” After having their third child, moving into a homestead on five acres that needs A LOT of work, and living through a pandemic, Pat and Taz are back to podcasting. In their most recent episode, Pat and Taz sit down together to discuss the “woes” and “great parts” (i.e. the pros and cons) of homeschooling. Homeschooling is a hot topic, and it’s popularity is growing every year. Pat and Taz address the …