Home Workout Equipment: Rice Bag Edition

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Create Your Own Home Workout Equipment! When making the shift from a conventional gym or affiliate to your home, one big factor is finances. In these quarantine days, we’re all desperate to find some variance within the items we have around the house. We want to get our home gym workout on, but we can’t really shop for things, unless we want to spend an arm and a leg on shipping! Fear not. We’ve constructed a guide of how to …

DIY Medicine Ball – Beer, Beans & Baby Wipes

Cheryl Hargrove Home Gym, Workout Videos

Working Out At Home During the Holidays The holidays mean that we end up getting a bit off kilter with our schedules. We have special occasions to tend to, holiday parties to make appearances at, cookies that hang out on the counter and stare at us until we consume them… but we STILL wanna keep our fitnassss up. My favorite thing to do is a workout in my own living room, especially in the winter time when it’s cold outside …

Best Tips For Your Garage Gym Weightlifting Program

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So you wanna gain some good ‘ol Weightlifting strength in your garage gym. Look no further, because the Outsiders are introducing our first garage gym Weightlifting program from our coach, Matt Bruce. About Coach Matt Bruce Matt Bruce is part of a long line of successful strength and conditioning coaches from Gayle Hatch Weightlifting. With over 17 years of experience in Olympic weightlifting, Coach Bruce has profound knowledge in program design and periodization for explosive strength, power, and force velocity …

DIY: Make Your Own Weights for the Home Gym

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Make Your Own Weights When making the shift from a conventional gym or affiliate to your home, one big factor is finances. You’ve made the decision to work out at home, so now your goal is to outfit the bad boy. You parouse Craigslist, hit up local garage sales, check Facebook Marketplace for some cheap weights, but often times it’s a laborious effort that involves coordinating with multiple people. Even more so than that, it takes a lot of attention …

Bruce Wayne: 68-Year Old Crossfitter

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The Most Important Part of My Dad’s (Secret) Identity I want to start off this post about my dad with the most important information about him: His legal first name is Bruce. Legal middle name is Wayne. #dropmic Back to the heartfelt story: My dad is my #1 fan when it comes to my CrossFit competitive aspirations and career in the health and fitness industry. He proudly wears all the swag of the gyms I worked at and the teams …

Dumbbell Exercise

Put the Fun in Functional: 5 Funky Dumbbell Exercises to Add to Your Workout Arsenal

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Adding Load Increases Workout Variance When incorporating a Dumbbell or Kettlebell into your workout routine, there are obvious movements to perform: the Kettlebell Swing, a Goblet Squat, a Dumbbell Snatch, etc. These are all movements that we see frequently in the gym and are perfect to take outside the box and into a park, driveway, or kids soccer game. But you’re not here for that… are you? Did you go outside the box to find some standard dumbbell exercises? Or …

Put the Fun in Functional: 5 Funky Bodyweight Exercises to Add to Your Workout Arsenal

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The Predicament You’re a garage/home gym exerciser and you’re looking to mix it up. However, the problem is, how and where do I get ideas to add variance into my programming? Thinking of new things to do involves effort, time, and a bit of learning. Eliminate ALL of that work for yourself and take a peek at the videos below. Seasoned Outsiders, you’ll likely recognize these from your session plans/workouts. Those of you who are new to OTB, try these …

The Best “Nice to Have” CrossFit Home Gym Gear

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Do you dream of the perfect CrossFit home gym? The one that’s stocked with all the best gear and all the cushy comforts that make the space your favorite place to be. So that you actually want to get up and move, you finally get fit and stay fit, and you never struggle with consistency. Yeah…I’ve given many hours to that fantasy too. Our garage gym isn’t perfect, never will be. That’s the magical pull of the dream. There’s always …

Our Gear List Explained

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In this video, I walk you through our garage gym as I talk about my favorite gear and some options for where to buy equipment. I also show you what gear you need for each equipment phase of our program (Minimalist, Generalist, Enthusiast) so you can see where you’re at within those set-ups. In the video, I mention a few places to shop for equipment: Play It Again Sports Target Ross/Marshalls And then the more specialty shops: Rogue Titan Rage …

Dad Hack: DIY Med Ball

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You fellow dads out there will understand: When you become a father, it’s universal law that you start DIYing. It just happens, and there’s no fighting it. This is my latest project— a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a medicine ball from stuff in my backyard and garage. For everyone out there doing home gym workouts or living that #garagegymlife. Stay gold.