Death To Dadbod: The Recovery Conundrum

Danial Hooper Death to Dadbod, No Filter Fitness

I’m sick. The doctor says I gots a strep froat and my allergies are going crazy because of stress and mother nature. He gave me a z-pack, an inhaler, and said I needed to rest for the next few days. No workouts, he says. Take a break, snuggle my baby (he’s also sick), and drink lots of water. My body needs recovery. Last week, I worked 50 hours, edited 1/5th of my next novel, officiated two weddings, was the best …

3 Things That Affect How Fit You Feel

Pat Barber No Filter Fitness

You’re working out but you still feel blah. You’re wondering how to get fit at home with your busy, full life. With all the distractions and priorities. Or, maybe you feel stuck in routines that just aren’t giving you the results you want. We believe it’s not all about the workout program. It’s about context. A more holistic understanding. The bigger picture. It’s about what you’re doing outside of the program…outside of Outside the Box. There are many, many things …

How can I follow my preferred track in BTWB?

Pat Barber BTWB

Professor Pat is in the house! Today, I’m going to help you get a little more comfortable using Beyond the Whiteboard. Just to review—Remember, our program offers 3 tracks, which are based on the equipment you have access to in your home gym or local gym: Minimalist: Dumbbells, Jump Rope Generalist: Dumbbells, Jump Rope, Pull-up Bar, Box, Medicine Ball Enthusiast: Dumbbells, Jump Rope, Pull-up Bar, Box, Medicine Ball, Kettlebell, Rings, Rower, Barbell Step One: Choose a Workout Track Which track makes …

Death To Dadbod: Rage and Ronnie Coleman

Danial Hooper Death to Dadbod, No Filter Fitness

Today marks three full weeks of Outside the Box. My body has begun to feel soreness in places that used to have muscles. My home has turned into a minimalist home gym. My body has turned into a wonderland. As in, I wonder when I’ll stop feeling like a bearded Walrus. For the record, in my mind, this is how I look while doing sit-ups: Fortunately, today’s workout doesn’t feature sit-ups or any direct ab workout. Although, [spoiler alert] Renegade …

Death To Dadbod (3/29/2019)

Danial Hooper Death to Dadbod, No Filter Fitness

The house is quiet. Almost too quiet. Joanie (my wife) is off to run errands and pick up the twin from dance practice. She’s probably going to come back with a new kitten, if history is any inclination. We used to have 3 kids and 3 cats. Now we have 4 kids… how’s your math? She trusted me home alone with our newborn. This isn’t me being the “dad who babysits.” But she’s really going out on a limb to …

How to Get the Most from a Workout

Pat Barber No Filter Fitness

We believe that training at a great affiliate with skilled coaches is the best thing you can do to reach your highest potential. That said, sometimes life is full and you don’t have enough time to get to an affiliate and train for an hour. As coaches, we don’t say that lightly. Right now, we have three kiddos (6 years, 3 years and 4 months) and we run two small businesses. Life is full, time is limited, and working out …

Death to Dadbod (3/22/2019)

Danial Hooper Death to Dadbod, No Filter Fitness

This is me. My son was born just over a month ago. My wife and I went through IVF to have our tiny little miracle. We have pictures of him when he was an embryo. It’s the most adorable little blob you ever did see. We knew the cost going in. We knew it was like buying one really nice car, or five thousand Chick-Fil-A sandwiches. I stressed a lot during her pregnancy. That’s not to ignore her stress or …

Our Gear List Explained

Pat Barber Home Gym

In this video, I walk you through our garage gym as I talk about my favorite gear and some options for where to buy equipment. I also show you what gear you need for each equipment phase of our program (Minimalist, Generalist, Enthusiast) so you can see where you’re at within those set-ups. In the video, I mention a few places to shop for equipment: Play It Again Sports Target Ross/Marshalls And then the more specialty shops: Rogue Titan Rage …

Dad Hack: DIY Med Ball

Pat Barber Home Gym

You fellow dads out there will understand: When you become a father, it’s universal law that you start DIYing. It just happens, and there’s no fighting it. This is my latest project— a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a medicine ball from stuff in my backyard and garage. For everyone out there doing home gym workouts or living that #garagegymlife. Stay gold.  

We’re Bad at Goals

Taz Barber Brain Gainz, No Filter Fitness

The thing about setting goals is that most of us are terrible at it. The first problem is that we don’t know what we want. Or, we don’t know why we want it. We’re like kids in a toy store, running around, wanting everything we see, crying because we can’t have it, and then forgetting it ever existed an hour later. Apparently, it wasn’t that important to us. Maybe we were bored, confused, frustrated, and in looking for a balm …