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Hi, and welcome to Life Outside the Box!

This is usually where you will read something corny about how this mentorship is going to change your life and that you’ve made an investment into your future health and wellness bank. It should happen, but it’s not something we’ll guarantee.

Instead, we guarantee you will be asked to push yourself to a place of discomfort on multiple levels. We guarantee your growth is a direct result of how much work you are willing to put in. We guide based on your effort investment. Listening is not enough. Reading is not enough. You will need to practice. We will help and lead, but not do it for you. ACTION is essential. It will be hard, and you will feel icky, and you will have conversations with your partner/kids/friends/family that you would rather keep buried under the rug where it is safe and warm. 

Here is the BUT part…

IF you do all this, if you engage in this community, if you open yourself up to others, if you make you and your family’s health a priority, if you strive to be unreasonable, it is only inevitable that you will thrive and live that authentic life that you are longing for, and deserve!

We want to be absolutely sure we fit each other. We aren’t here to waste anybody’s time. Not yours, nor ours. The best mentor relationships are like friendships, not like coach/player or teacher/student relationships. These are ACTIVE relationships where sometimes we are the one giving and sometimes we are here to receive. You learn from us, but we also plan to learn from YOU. This takes intention. Let’s make a commitment to each other that we are here to work hard and have a good time!

ARE you IN?

Being “In” means we will be holding you accountable and expect a certain level of participation in the program. If you are unsure what this is, take another look at our SIGN-UP page to make sure you are up for it! This is not another monthly subscription that you can forget about. Let’s be all in, together.

Brilliant! Let’s have some fun together!

Taz, Pat, Danial and Christy