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An Unreasonable Podcast: Why Have a Big-Picture View?

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Why Have a Big-Picture View?

In their most recent Unreasonable Family podcast episode, Pat and Taz sit down together to discuss why it’s important to keep a big-picture focus. How do we avoid getting lost in the minutiae? Those little details can cause us to lose track of our big-picture goal we set out to obtain. Have you lost track of what you’re trying to accomplish? Whether in your business, your health, your self-development, your relationships, your parenting. Why is keeping a big-picture, macro-view so important? So much in life is complicated. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just make it simple?

“How do we sort through the BS and focus on the things that we SHOULD be focusing on?”

(According to Pat, Taz starts some of the best, most fired-up, ground-breaking conversations.) 

A Big-Picture View Trains Our Focus.

When you are deep into a complex goal like parenting or health, it’s easy to get caught up in the minutiae. While focusing on details is important, it is imperative to take a step back and see the bigger picture from time-to-time. Looking at the bigger picture helps you remember where it is that you’re heading, gives you a clearer vision of your goals, and outlines the necessary steps to reach them. In approaching your goals from a big-picture perspective, the most important question to answer daily is whether your actions will get you there. While there are plenty of great resources vying for your attention,you would do well to condense and simplify what resources you use to get you where you are going.

A Big-Picture View Simplifies our Path.

Educating ourselves on the best and most efficient path to reaching our goals is necessary. This education will likely motivate us to steer away from the “sexy” new thing or the instant gratification approach to yielding an immediate response or action (i.e. that fad diet to lose weight, that new supplement to bulk up, or that snap reaction to get our kid to act a certain way). Instead, we will lean into the tried, true, healthy and sustainable methods of getting where we are going.  Always re-evaluate back to the big picture and align your daily actions with that end in mind.

Come sit down with the Barbers, listen to this episode, and take a moment to consider your approach. Are you ready to ditch the details and simplify? It may be worth stepping back and looking at that goal from a big-picture, birds-eye view.

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