A Dumbbell Workout for Home…or Anywhere

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Last month, we tested the workout written for April 16th with a suuuuuper casual sweat sesh in our garage and driveway.

If you want to join the #DumbbellDanceParty and workout with us, here’s what we’re doing:

Run 200m
21 Dumbbell Deadlifts
Run 400m
15 Single Arm Dumbbell Push Presses (15 on Left, 15 on Right)
Run 600m
9 Dumbbell Woman Makers

All that running feels like…

I tend to chillax a little in my runs, treating them as my time to regroup and catch my breath.

Which is not the purpose of a run. 🙂 So, to maintain intensity, I have to breathe and push myself.

If you’re like me, remember: It says “run” not “jog.”

If you’re like Taz, and you’re recovering from bringing new life into the world, or you have another totally legit reason to jog, then by all means, jog.

This one hurt so good.

Stay gold.

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