20,000 Mindful Minutes

We created 20,000 Mindful Minutes to help with awareness of how we are spending our time. There are so many distractions right now, and unless we are intentional with how we spend our time, we can go full days without connecting to the people around us that really matter. Days turn into weeks, months, and even years, and before we know it, our kids are 18 and leaving home!

The goal is to be present in any task we are doing. If we are reading a book, we are only reading a book. Our minds will naturally wander off into our to-dos, or what we are having for dinner, or do the kids need a bath later…. That is ok, bring it back to the present. The more we do this, the better we become at being present, in the moment. It is a skill, and just like any skill, it takes practise.
An hour a day may seem like a lofty goal to be ‘mindful’. But, as you start your quest to be more present, you will realise that those 10-20 min here and there count and are so important in strengthening those connections and relationships to the people around you. Start small, and work your way up to longer periods of time.
Sometimes a gentle reminder is all it takes. Don’t sweat the small stuff, or question yourself whether your moments are truly mindful. You will know. There is no test. This is your life, you only have yourself to live up to.

We hope this tracker can help you create these moments during the day when you otherwise may have been mentally checking off your to-do’s while you were supposed to be playing aeroplanes with your toddler. These small moments in time add up and help to strengthen our connections and inner joy.

How to use the tracker.
What is a mindful minute? Any time during your day where you are connecting with yourself, your spouse/partner, kids, friends or nature. This can include activities like meditating, having a cup of tea in the garden, reading to your kids, having an uninterrupted conversation with your partner. No phones within arms reach.
* Why 20,000 Minutes? This equates to roughly 1 hour per day over the course of 1 year. Challenging, yet do-able.
How long should each 5,000 minutes take to get through? Each sheet is roughly 2.5-3 months worth of time at 55 min. – 1 hour per day. If it takes a little longer than this at first, that is ok.
How to use the tracker? Print it out, stick it to the fridge and for every 10 mindful minutes you spend, colour in a circle. Or, save the jpeg on your phone and use the photo edit tool to check off each circle.
How do I keep track of time if I can’t use my phone? Remember to not take yourself or this challenge too seriously. Glance at the time before you intend on being intentional, then glance back at it when you are sure your time is up.
* Can I incentivise this? Sure! If you know you need some external motivation to create a lasting habit, by all means find one. Maybe it could be taking the family for an outing together at the end of every 5,000 minutes. Or, taking yourself on a solo day of exploring somewhere. Aim to keep your reward linked to being more mindful if possible 🙂